Records of the Collegium


Well recently four more judges have been inducted into our Apex Court, the most powerful Apex Court world has ever seen !!! The collegium system which has been in existence for more than a decade, a creation of the judicial amendment of the Constitution, has drawn criticism from various corners. I do not wish to go into much complex issues; but i just want to high light one fact.

One of the most interesting fact about the collegium is that it maintains no record of its proceedings. This is something which has been left unquestioned; though there is no point in questioning !! The Apex Court is a Court of record. This is very well known to all of us. The irony is that the collegium maintains no record of its proceedings. Dont the people have a right to know how judges of the Apex Court are appointed or is it only at the pleasure of the collegium?? The answer would definitely be that the people have a right to know. I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts; that in South Africa; even during the selection process, public debates are held on the suggested appointments. In India the common man wonders rather even the legal fraternity wonders how the judges are appointed !!! 

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