Judges and Assets !!!

Well the Kerala High Court judges have set a good example by declaring their assets voluntarily (details of the declared assets available at www .answeringlaw.com ). All 33 sitting judges of the Kerala High Court, including the Chief Justice, have posted details of their assets, along with those of their spouses and dependent children. Well the Apex Court judges are still "afraid " to declare their assets mainly for the reason that "people may misuse it". Well it is the same Apex Court which ordered the aspiring MP's and MLA's to declare their assets publicly who do not even have the protection of Contempt of Courts Act. Moreover civil and criminal defamation cases can be filed against persons who make baseless allegations.

Judges are the guardian of the Constitution. Issue of their credibility is of paramount importance. Without waiting for the legislature to pass an Act or being forced to publish it compulsorily under the RTI Act; the judges should declare their assets. US judges including judges of US Supreme Court make public and annual disclosure of their assets. If judiciary does not have anything to hide; then whats wrong in being transparent??? Should a negative presumption be drawn as judges are not willing to declare their assets???? Well if the system wants to regain its credibility which it has lost; it should be definitely more transparent. Transparency will bring only more credibility to the judicial system as well as the judges.

As i am having my semester exams from 16th of October; i am forced to confine my writing to this limit. Once it gets over i will be back with more inputs on the topic.

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