Supreme Court adjourns Bar Exam petition yet again

The Supreme Court writ petitions in the bar exam has been postponed again, this time to 25 October, following no notices having been served on respondents.
Delhi High Court Registrar S G Shah heard the Bar Council of India (BCI)’s advocate Sanjeev Sachdeva, as well as petitioner and Nalsar graduate Fatehpal Singh and senior advocate Dushyant Dave’s junior Anirudh Rajput, who appeared on behalf of the Maharashtra and Goa Bar Council opposing the bar exam.
Fatehpal Singh said that Shah decided that all notices should be served by 25 October when there would be another hearing.
Singh said: “I explained how I’ll lose a remedy if the exam and matter is not heard before 30th [October].”
The deadline for bar exam applications had already been postponed to the end of this month, with the exam set to take place on 5 December.
Singh also explained that the registrar should not expect many respondents to actually show up in court once served notice, as a large number had only recently graduated and had limited financial means to argue the matter in the Supreme Court.
No other petitioners were present in court today.
The previous hearing on 6 September had been adjourned to today, also following delays to notices having been served on the petitioners.

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