IDIA National Aptitude Test [ I-NAT ]

IDIA- Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education and IMS is conducting a CLAT National Aptitude Test on 4th April.

IDIA wishes to pick a few students who are financially weak for free training for CLAT 2011. They would be sending them to IMS for the crash course during April-May.

Students can register either by calling at any of your phone numbers or email at with all their details.

Call us at any of the numbers given below:

Ananthu: +91 89433 11480

Indu: +91 89433 11939

Arya: +91 98092 11993

Yaashna:+91 91635 74614

Test Date: 4th April 2011( Monday)

Test Name: I-NAT

Test Paper: One hour test

Test Centres: 

Delhi- 3
Kolkata -1
Bhopal -1

Registration:  Registration shall be through email as well as over phone. Last date for registration is 2nd April.We shall add test centres depending on the registrations. Please record first and second preference for the centre when you call or email for registration. 

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