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Launched recently is the website called, which is specially designed for law students and provide some quality content to navigate legal career. They have just started their operations a month back by two law students called Sanchit Mehta from DES(FC) Pune & Anup from Amity, Delhi and Sameer(Purdue, US) an engineering student handle their Tech part. They are trying to make it a one-stop shop for all sort of information law students are looking for. They have some really worth reading articles which might be useful for everyone who belongs to the legal fraternity, like the article titled Need a good legal job? Start selling yourself speaks about how to market yourself and it is very well drafted, on the whole it is a great read for all the law students who want to make it big. is with full fervour dedicated to the law students. It provides information about every aspect of the life in a law school right from internships to dipomas, moots to LLMs etc.. It also gives extensive and ample information regarding the aspects which develop the persona of a student, which will help him in career building. Articles such as 5 most common resume mistakes and How to write a Follow up mail are a must read for all the law students. covers everything which a student of law is supposed to know and is truly the most enlightening hub for all the law students. It is a saviour and puts a full stop to all the question, confusions, intricacy and obscurities of the law students.

You can follow them on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

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